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The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google. No one want to be on the #2nd page. Are you worried about how your competitors are leaving you behind on search? It's time to WOW your online presence & outrank all competitors. We provide 100% assurance to place your business on the first page of Google & other search engine giants.

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SEO is a commitment, not a campaign. Syscodes is dedicated to provide premium quality marketing services at not so premium costs to connect customers to your brand.

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Brilliance is our business, An SEO agency bent on simplicity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just abount just increasing the quantity of website traffic, it’s also about enhancing the quality of organic traffic by optmizing individual web pages and its within contents. Syscodes is a kolkata based SEO company in India having experience of over 4+ years in the industry working roundOclock putting smiles over faces of our customers. Let us grow your business with passion. We provide guaranteed visible outcomes and site metrics to our customers.


Features of Our SEO Services

A 21st century SEO agency driving profits to your door.

Website Audit

We prepare an in-depth website audit as the very first step. It lets us get a clear insight into individual web-pages and overall traffic, and help to understand all the major factors that are affecting the visibility and ranking. A detailed audit report is leveraged to improve and execute our SEO campaigns.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword plays a major role in your online presence to get more unpaid organic results. Our SEO experts will prepare a perfect keyword strategy based on search volume/trends and analyzing your competitors to help you outrank them in the digital race on most search engines.

Optimization Metrics

Started from 2018, now page loading time has become big part of on-page SEO as it plays a significantly important role as a ranking factor in Google’s mobile search results. Our on-page SEO services come with full-page optimization which ensures faster page loading speeds.

Off-Page SEO

We have our expert hands-on over the off-page SEO and social marketing. It includes internal & external linking, broken link building, creating and distributing compelling infographics, disavowing low quality or spammy domains, boosting dwell time, content anchor texts optimizations, and much more in order to help you rank higher than competitors. Also, we’ll promote or advertise your products through different social media platforms for increased audience engagements.

Link Building

Links are the backbone of your website, the number of incoming links to your pages pass trust signals for most of the search engines as it represents as a “vote of confidence”. Search engines calculate rankings using multiple factors to display search results. And backlinks are one among those ranking factors. The more number of backlinks pointing to your pages you have, the more positive results you get. We help you to build high quality links from trusted sources and domains.

Local SEO

If you own a local business, like a shop, a company or even provide soemwhat services to people, Local SEO is a vital part to promote yourself infront of locals nearby located in the same geographical area where you are. Our experts are dedicated to optimize and promote your website or online listing with our technical audit report based on a few factors such as business signals, link signals, onpage signals, citation signals, review signals, personalization, social signals etc. and selected keywords.

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Advance SEO Strategies for New Firms

You’re not just talking with newbies, we know this industry inside out. Syscodes provides bespoke SEO and online marketing strategies and campaigns on basis of the requirment of our clients for more enhanced outcomes.

Rank at the first page of Google search.
Increased number of visitors & improved bounce rate.
More daily time spent on site and boosted daily page views per visitor.
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