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Best Web Design Trends in 2020 that You Should Know

Web design trends change every year and similarly, even in 2020, some new web designs have been introduced. From designers playing with extremes to reinventing previous styles as well as ceaseless experiments with new techniques, the year that marks the end of the decade is all about empowering developers to create visionary websites. 

Here’s a look at some of the top website design trends for 2020 that you should implement in your business. 

Best Web Design Trends in 2020 

If you are a website designer or a business planning to get a website for your business, then here are some of the current best web design trends that should be kept in mind. 

Collaborating Photos As Well As Illustrations

web design trends 2020

A combination of photos along with simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations is a new website design trend for 2020. Amazing artwork in the form of photos from watercolor and pastels to modern and weird art characters with disproportionate bodies as well as characters with no facial features have made a valuable space in the web designs. Using this combination replaces parts of the photos. It also results in an interaction that creates a fun mixture of two realities. 

Dark Mode 

Screens having OLED in 2020 should resort to opting for a dark mode to keep up with the latest web design trends. The dark interfaces contemplate with bright accent elements. The easy to read typography in it ensures that the designs are readable. This mode saves power, extends the lifespan of screens and also improves the visibility of other accent colors for dynamic designs. The websites look ultra-modern as well as easy on the eyes. Being a website design company, we would say dark theme is one of the most popular web design trends in 2020.

Patterns in web design

The super-diverse refreshing comebacks have made their way in the latest website design trends. This new trend does not talk about the patterns that fully cover the background. The ones that only spread to separate parts of the background are popular. This is because they create hot and modern web design looks. 

Minimalistic Black and white web design coupled with Maxi Typography

To be sure that the business website is as per the latest trend, businesses should make sure that the web design is black and white. This classy, evergreen and trendy design is minimalist. It contains maxi typography as well as line art elements that make a website look elegant. Maxi Typography results in making the website modern, classy and portrays it in the sense of a stronger statement. The best part about this design is that while it stays strong, it continues to evolve. It also makes the website elegant, beautiful and easy to understand. 

Modern Web Designs With A Retro Style 

To make the users re-experience a real blast from the past, the retro design style of the ’50s and ’60s has made its place in website design trends of 2020. Effects such as dust, noise, black and white photos, duller colors will make the website look modern and elegant.  

Line art for clean and creative websites

After being in the field of graphic designs line art has also made its way into the web designs too. The websites that have line art illustrations get a professional, clean as well as a still super creative look. 

Glowing as well as Luminous Colour Schemes

To make the web designs bolder as well as daring, glowing and luminous color schemes are in trend now. The neons, as well as highly saturated colors combined with a darker, muted shades, give the web designs a luminous feel. This makes the website attractive for the users.  

Ultra minimalist navigation

For the purpose of making the usability of the websites easy, the trend of ultra minimalistic. Moving around less on a website increases the time that they normally spend on a site. Also, imagery plays a major role because large scale photos, as well as videos, increase the chance of the business to impress users by using a bare minimum of text. 

3D elements and motion effects 

In 2020 website design trends, 3D elements with slow-motion effects have made it to the list. The level of depth, as well as realism in this, allows the designers to create an impact on the website. This can’t be made by any other digital technology. With this, the web designs get a lightweight feel that portrays the floating of elements over each other. 

Mixing Graphics With Photography 

Overlapping of original graphics with real photographs creates a memorable visual that results in the creativity going wild. With this collage-like web design trend of 2020, the developers get the option of adding cuteness and charm to the bland photo product. This style sways the interpretation of photographs by people. The reason behind it is the squiggling cartoons that make it look more playful, detailed and geometric. 

Presence Of Chatbots

To answer most frequently asked questions, guide the users through the site as well as for 24/7 user disposal, web design trends 2020 have included the concept of chatbots too. The presence of Artificial Intelligence technology makes the chatbots more adequate than ever. 

Solid frames of white space

White frames of wide space that gives the web designs a solid structure have become a part of the 2020 web designs. This allows the paging of each element with a generous amount of space and also lays down a perfect foundation for making visuals. The neatly structured frames around websites create a sense of order which is satisfying. This also helps to prioritize as well as separate different parts of a page. 

Voice User Interface & Automated Assistants

Artificial Intelligence has also made it possible for business owners to lead an actual spoken conversation with devices. Having a conversation on a site visited by the disabled users gives them an opportunity to interact with the websites better.   This new addition to the web design has become a part of the trend in 2020. 

Artistic Illustrations 

This particular element of web design has continued to gain popularity by being in line with withdrawing as well as animations. The equally whimsical and simple design in the form of artistic illustrations helps in keeping a focus on the story at hand. 

The Final Thought

The brink of this new decade has made it mandatory for the web designers to design the website that matches the checklist explained above. Are you worried as to where would you get such a website designer that keeps up with the web design trends in 2020 while developing a website? Don’t worry. Syscodes is at your rescue as it offers website design and development services in Kolkata at affordable rates. Our team makes sure that your business website is on par with the latest design requirements.  

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